Best Class In Last Shelter Survival Series – Part 1 – Trader

Best Class In Last Shelter Survival Series – Part 1 – Trader

There are 4 classes to choose from in last shelter. one of the biggest pits you can fall in within this game is the idea that you do not have enough resources… A strong alliance and a group effort along with personal effort easily solves this problem.


However… The group cannot give you money or personal power. Raider and Trader both provide this. In the future videos of this series, we will explore all of those possibilities, today we talk about being a Trader.


Trader can easily be considered the BEST CLASS in Last Shelter Survival. Trader has way more benefits than it has Weaknesses. Any thing it lacks, the game offers a way to counter. I personally choose raider as it will overall be better for my play style. However, Traders can easily out perform me if i fall short. This video is designed to inform you why one of my favorite team mates “thebadpanda” has beaten me time and time again. This will show you how you can be better than the other people in your alliance and state as well.


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