Last Shelter Survial: General Tricks, Tips, Hints and Instructions

Money Production & Banks

In Last Shelter Survival, the Banks generate Money every hour. The Production value is the amount of money generated per hour. The Efficiency is what level the Bank is operating at and is based on the Bank Population (which really means Housing Population) in your Base. If you’re efficiency is below 100%, then you need to increase the number of Houses or their levels. You can click on efficiency to see the population needed for 100%.

Binding Accounts

It is best to Bind your gaming accounts to IM30 or Google. This enables you to use the account(s) on multiple devices such as a phone, tablet or computer. It’s a simple process using an email and password and you can earn 200 diamonds the first time you bind your account. Binding also prevents the loss of your account if you lose your device.

Playing Last Shelter Survival on PC or Mac

You can play Android and iOS games such as Last Shelter Survival on a PC or Mac using Nox Player or BlueStacks.

Download and install these applications and you can add games via Google Play (offered in tool) to install and setup the application. The one drawback is you will have to walk through the complete tutorial until you’re able to access the Account Binding screen.

Ration Truck

The Ration Truck requires to be continually stocked with Food and Water in order to maintain Production of your Food, Water, Fuel, Lumber and Iron. Once you are out, Production of these resources will stop. To fill the Ration Truck, click on the Transport icon and select amount of Food and Water to send.

Unplugging your Buildings

At any time, you can unplug your Base buildings by moving them to a section of your base that has no roads, or by removing the road access to it. In many cases, unplugging a building will reduce the amount of Electricity Consumption of your Base. You can view the Consumption value by clicking on the lightning bolt on the top of your screen. You can track the Consumption value before and after you unplug the building to see it’s impact in electricity draw. This can be very helpful if you only need buildings at specific times and can move them to a road when needed.

Troops consume Resources!

When planning the development and training of your Fighters, Shooters and Vehicles, take into consideration they consume resources. Fighter and Shooters consume Food and Vehicles consume Fuel. You can see how much of each resource in the Fighter Camp, Shooter Range and Vehicle Factory on the (i) information screen.

To view the total consumption of Food and Fuel the troops are consuming, view the Food and Fuel screens (the icons at the top of your screen) and there will be a Troop Consumption value in red.

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