Last Shelter Survival: Awesome Hero Guide for all Seasons

This is the best guide I’ve found online for the Basic Orange and Doomsday Season 1-x Heros.  Written by Priam of State 341, this is by far the most detailed, organized, and thorough job of documenting the heroes, their attributes, skills, and bonuses. It comes in the form of a 43 page PDF file, but it really is done very well. Hands off to Priam for taking the time to pull all this together.

Below is an abstract from his Last Shelter Survival Hero Guide, but you really should read on and watch his videos. The link to his material is posted below.


I apologize for my brutal honesty but as I’m sure you’ve realized by now, there is no skill component in this game. No amount of grinding will give you skills over another player with a credit card. This game is P2W (Pay To Win), pure and simple. That said, the late-to-end game factor for winning is based on the heroes you get and how you use them.

Once you’ve maxed out your buildings, tech, APC parts, alliance tech, VIP store, etc., the only RNG (Random Number Generator) factor remaining is heroes. This game at its core is based on a Cardinal Scale: the higher your attributes, the better chances you have at winning.
This is why it’s common for most people to think “there’s always someone stronger than me” because unless you are fully maxed out, chances are this is true. Fortunately, even among the maxed out players, there is no god mode. APC composition and Hero Synergy will still be the determining factor for winning, ceteris paribus.

That said, this guide is meant to help make your choice of heroes easier based on what you already have. Please do not get bogged down on trying to get the “best heroes” if you don’t have them. Make the best APC composition based on the heroes that you have, not what you want.
Throughout this guide, I will provide several reference charts to outline, showcase and summarize the hero skills.

Unit Choice
The heroes you have determine your unit choice as well as the purpose of your APC formations. In this game, there are 3 units: Fighters, Shooters and Vehicles. There is no single “best unit”, each have their own good, bad and intended use.

• Fighters have the highest defense, hp and destruction power. Best for defense and for use in Doomsday.

• Shooters have the highest damage. Best used for offense and for countering vehicles.

• Vehicles are balanced, have the fastest march speed and highest load. Good for gathering and raiding.

For the purposes of comparison and because this game is based on a Cardinal Scale, this guide assumes you have everything maxed out. All reference charts will assume skill level 10 as well, it’s just easier to compare skills this way.

With all 3 units at T9, if you have the money to spare and you are trying to get that extra edge over someone. You should be enhancing your troops, it will make the difference especially if your opponent has enhanced T9’s and you don’t.


Hero Development Guide





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