Last Shelter Survival: Be a Tycoon! Money Making Tips

Last Shelter Survival Tips, Tricks and Strategy on how to generate money!

  • Use the Stereo all the time.
  • You can attack the Rebel Camp with your troops.  Each attack will earn you money.  The higher the level Rebel Camp, the higher the money won during battle.
  • Complete as many Main Tasks, Daily Tasks and Daily Challenges as you can. These all provide money and resources.  The Daily Challenges rotate every hour.
  • Station, unlock and max upgrade the Resistance Leader Hero skills. Skills #2-#4 generate a ton of money. #2 skill increases money /hr. #4 skill increases #2 skill even further. #3 skill allows you to receive up to 250k every 22hrs when you “Use” the skill at bank.
  • Upgrade Houses and Banks to maximize money /hr. Banks need House population.
  • Sell water or other resources at the Command Hub to make 50k-100k on every visit. Upgrade the Helicopter/Water Filters to sell more Water.  The helicopter comes regularly several times a day.
  • Farm Lvl 15 Wendells.  See the post on how to Farm Wendell’s for money.
  • Being a Trader Class makes the most money per hour of all the Classes.
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