Last Shelter Survival Best Orange Heroes Guide PART 3

Last Shelter Survival Best Orange Heroes Guide PART 3


This Series is currently for beginners just starting out in last shelter survival. It is designed to give insight to new players to help them save time and money when playing the game. When I started playing, things like this simply did not exist to help me. I would keep every hero, level them up and not realize where to put them, why to get rid of them, or who was good for what.

For part three, we focus on the third slot of the APC! It is just as important as the first slot or second slot, but has less options to help you maximize your potential . Make sure when you are building a proper APC formation, that you have a specific intention in mind. You DO NOT want to set an Attack APC in a Defense position in last shelter survival. This video should tell you the difference and explain why.

You may also want to consider how you place your units and what units you place in what rows. this is also explained in the video

I will make these for all levels of heroes and help each individual player gain the confidence and strength in the game they deserve!


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