Last Shelter Survival: Building your own Resource Tiles! Right next to your base.

Last Shelter Survival Tips, Tricks and Strategy: If you are in an Last Shelter Survival Alliance that has researched Resource Level Alliance Technology, you can build your own resource tiles right next to your base. Food, Fuel, Lumber and Iron. The level of the resource tile depends on the level of Resource Level research.  And you can increase the number of tiles you can build by researching Resource Expert Alliance Technology.

For example, if you research Resource Level to Level 5, you can place a Level 10 Resource Tile.   The Resource Expert technology increases the number of Last Shelter Survival resource tiles you can place.

Note:  Higher level resource tiles do not improve the speed of your gathering.  They just provide MORE Last Shelter Survival resources for you to gather, which means you can stay there for a longer duration of time.

This is how you do it…

  1. Purchase 1,000 Stone from the Alliance Store.  Each Resource Tile costs 50 Stone Block to build.
  2. Go to your Map view.
  3. Click on Build
  4. Click on the Resource Station at the bottom left of the window.
  5. Select the Resource Tile you want to place and drag it to the map next to your base or anywhere you want on the map.


Others can also use this resource tile.  It behaves just as all the other tiles.

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