Last Shelter Survival: Farming Tips and maximizing Food Production Tips & Guide

Last Shelter Survival Tips, Tricks, Guide and Strategy: When you have a high number of troops, food production to support them can become difficulty. If you are a Raider Class, it can’t be extremely hard, Review the Classes to see what the bonuses/negatives are to make sure you understand and have correctly selected the Class. Raiders are not for everyone at first.

Remember that Fighter and Shooter Troops will consume your Food.  The more you have and at higher levels, the more they will consume. 

Here are a few tips that might help. If you have any others, please feel free to post comments! I will start with the obvious ones first.

Rapid: Upgrade all of your Farms to their maximum level and complete the Rapid Production and City Development Technology trees in the Institute. This provides maximum production and allows for 100% chance of Rapid Production once a day. Make sure to run the Rapid Production at least once a day in the morning and then again before game reset. On the second Rapid Production of the day, it will give you an 8.5% chance, which is still pretty good.

Production Center: If you are a Farmer Class, you can build the Production Center and upgrade it. It gives you Bountiful Harvest, which provides you with bulk resources about twice a day.

Zombies & Gathering: Of course you can kill zombies and gather food. You can even place your own Resource Tiles next to your base. There is an article here about placing resource tiles.

Commercial Hub: Upgrade your Commercial Hub and your Water Filters. You can Sell water or electricity and Buy other resources every few hours. There is even a Free Call once a day with the Helicopter. The higher you upgrade the Commercial Hub, the more resources you can buy. You still lose money on the Buy/Sell, but you can at least get more Food. The Hero the Industrialist gives boosts to your Commercial Hub.

Alliance Technology: There is a Farm Expert Technology in the Alliance Technology. Donate to it so we can increase it’s effectiveness.

Heroes: There are 3 heroes you can station that will boost your Food Production: Pioneer (Purple), Lieutenant (Blue) and Green Thumb (Green). Station them and unlock/upgrade the skills that increase Farm Production. For example, the Pioneer’s skills #2 and #4 boost Farm Production every hour. The other skills vary a bit, but they are all centered around Food. This is one of the single most powerful Food Production boosters you can have. The Industrialist also has an Aiding Trade skill you can unlock and upgrade. It drops food every time the Trading Helicopter Arrives.

Completing your Daily Wendell: Complete your daily Wendell every day. The higher the better. They provide a ton of resources including food. Make sure to NOT complete your Wendell until you’ve completed farming Level 15 Wendells for money. There is another post on how to make money on Wendells.

Hospitals: If you have Troops in the Hospital, don’t heal them until you need them and use Speed-Ups. Troops that are in your Hospital do NOT consume food.

Attacking Dead Accounts, Below NAP 25 or Non-Alliance Bases: Please be careful with this. You do not want to attack the wrong base or an allied alliance. You can attack a lot of bases for resources. Make sure you read the Rules post as to who you can and can’t attack. But you can make daily attacks on bases around the State. I kept a list of them in by Battle Log and just hit them every day.

Farm Account: For many players, we have a second account and create a farming base. We create a Gmail account, start a new base, move it to State 120. We then upgrade these secondary accounts for the sole purpose of attacking them and getting their resources. Many players have Farm bases in other Alliances. 1-2 times a day we attack those bases and get their resources. They don’t produce a lot at first, but as the farm bases get into the 14-16, they can produce quite a lot of food. We develop this bases specifically for producing resources, not as combat accounts.

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