Last Shelter Survival: Wendell the Clown, Farming Wendells for Money Guide & Tips

Last Shelter Survival Tips, Tricks and Strategy: Instructions to convert Last Shelter Survival Resources into Money. When killing level 15 Wendell the Clown, you basically are exchanging the resources it takes to heal your troops into the money you win from battling the Wendell. Here’s how…

1) Don’t kill your daily Wendell (until after farming).
2) Start/Join a Level 15 Wendell rally (you want to lose).
3) Everyone in rally will receive Money based on the % damage they did to Wendell.
4) Some of your troops will need healing (this costs RSS).
5) Repeat to earn money!
6) Kill a Wendell after Wendell Farming for your full daily rewards. Great way to make money, which can be hard to generate!

General Wendell the Clown Information

You can kill Wendell the Clown once a day and earn rewards. There is usually a “Rally and defeat Wendell the Clown” Daily Task worth 80-100 points. You should run or join a Wendell the Clown attack at least once a day.

You can kill the Clown multiple times a day, but you won’t get rewards for the subsequent kills unless you use the farming trick above. Killing a Wendell requires a 3-4 people working as a team to Rally attack.  They rewards include a recruitment ticket, diamonds, speed-ups, money and food.

You need to join a Rally attack Wendell the Clown that your other with your Alliance Members. You can If you want to start a Rally attack against Wendell the Clown, you will need to upgrade your Headquarters so you can Rally troops.

There are 4 levels of Wendells, Level 1, 5, 10 and 15.  The higher level the Wendell, the more rewards and harder to kill.  You can view it’s health by clicking on a Wendell and reviewing the red bar %.  This helps if you are farming Wendells for money and do not want to kill it.  There is a Refresh timer that displays how long the Wendell will stay in it’s location.  If you try to Rally Attack on a Wendell that will soon expire, it will notify you when you attempt to Rally Attack.

The rough estimate of T6/T7 troops needed to kill Wendell the Clown are as follows:

  • Wendell 1:  5,000 Troops
  • Wendell 5:  65,000 Troops
  • Wendell 10: 150,000 Troops
  • Wendell 15: 300,000 Troops

When you Rally Attack a Wendell, it will show you the rewards each team member will receive that joined you on the attack.  You then can specify a Rally Time (5m, 10m, 30m and 60), meaning how long will you wait for others to join before you can attack a Wendell.  If you don’t have enough people to join (3 people is minimum) then the Rally Attack will fail.

You must leave enough time for people to join your Rally Attack. Their APC will have to travel from wherever they are located on the map to your base to join the Rally.  If the Rally Time is not long enough, when a member tries to join the rally, it will tell them the travel time is too long and the rally will leave before they get there.

Many people use 60 minutes as the default Rally Time if your Alliance is not structured as a hive or you are unsure of who is online to join the rally.

After the rally is complete, you will get a “Rally Battle Report” in your Zombie Attack Report mailbox describing the details of the battle, how much damage each person did to Wendell and their rewards.  The amount of rewards each person earns is based on the damage they did to the Wendell.

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