Last Shelter Survival: Hero Tips Guide

Last Shelter Survival Heroes are one of the most valuable assets in game for enhancing your APC’s and Resource Development.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

I’ll continue to update this as I have time with new hero tips… these are just a few starter ideas…

Hero Types

There are two types of heroes:

  • Development Heroes to help you with resource production, building, hospital space, etc.  The Development Heroes must be stationed in your
  • Combat Heroes placed in your APC’s to help with increasing your troop count, improving their Might, Resistance and Hit Points and offering additional offensive capabilities.

Last Shelter Survival Heroes come in different levels noted by their colors.  As you go up in colors in the Heroes, they have more Skills that can be unlocked.

  1. Green (lowest level) – 3 Skills
  2. Blue – 4 Skills
  3. Purple – 6 Skills
  4. Orange (highest level) – 8 Skills

There are multiple uses of the word Level surrounding the Heroes. It gets confusing.

  1. There is the Hero Level, which can increase their abilities and certain Skills do not unlock until a Hero Level is used.
  2. There is the Skill Level, which can be increased to the various 3-8 Skills available to each Hero.

Hero Buildings

  • Heroes Hall:  Used for recruiting heroes.   Upgrading this building increases the Experience points earned by the Heroes for the various activities they support.
  • Military Academy:  Used to exchange Heroes that you’ve recruited into Wisdom Medals (costs money to exchange) you can use for increasing the Level or Unlocking the various Hero Skills.  Upgrading this building reduces the cost of exchanging heroes for wisdom medals and increases the number of heroes you can exchange every day.  You can only exchange a certain number of heroes each day based on the level of your Military Academy.
  • Management Station: Used to Station the Development Heroes so your Base buildings can utilize the Development Hero skills.   Upgrading this building allows you to increase the number of Development Heroes you have stationed in your buildings. There is a limit and you will need Diamonds to purchase Stationing Plans from the Store in order to upgrade.

Increasing your Hero’s Experience

Increasing your Hero’s level of experience has benefits to their skills. The level experience they have directly effects their skills. When you view a Hero, click on a Skill and then click on the Skill Details (?) icon.  There you will see the different Skill Levels and how the Hero Level us used to improve the skills. So constantly working to increase your Hero’s Experience Level is very important.

Here are a few tips…

  1. Upgrading the Heroes Hall increases the Hero Exp bonus they earn while killing zombies. It’s not a huge help, but is a good way to start.
  2. Make sure to station the blue hero Gatekeeper: Batty.  Her second skill increases hero experience earnings significantly.
  3. You can build Parts in the Parts Factory. There are several levels and types of Parts that can be built and added to your APC’s to increase the Hero’s experience level while Gathering. It can take a while to build Parts, but even 1 part can increase their skills.  You will not see the experience earned during gathering until you click the “Return” icon on the APC.  The experience earned from a part isn’t calculated until the Return button is clicked and the APC returns to your Base.
  4. In the Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Event, the Resource Specialty has a tree you can add your Specialty points to in order to gain additional Hero Exp bonus.
  5. A great way to level your Last Shelter Survival hero is to kill high level Zombies. The higher the level, the more experience points your heroes gain.  For instance, a Last Shelter Survival Zombie Level 15 will provide around 35,000 – 40,000+ experience points depending on the Technology you’ve researched at the Institute, your Heroes Hall level and the stationed Heroes.   It will cost you durability and resources to heal troops, but you will also be earning resources as you attack the zombies.  In the long run, it appears to be one of the quickest ways to increase your Hero’s levels.

Vehicles are the most expensive troop to use combating Zombies and cost a considerable amount of Fuel to heal them.  I typically use Fighters and Shooters to kill Zombies.

I have often moved the heroes from APC to APC in order to continue bashing zombies for experience. As one APC’s durability is exhausted, I will move the heroes to another APC and use up its durability killing high level zombies.  This is also a great way to earn Last Shelter Survival Clash of Zones (Coz) points on Hero Development day.  If you can, combine the CoZ Hero Development day with several Daily Hero Challenges, there is one Daily that gives you points for killing Zombies.

5. If you have a Development Hero that needs to be leveled up, you can also add them to an APC and use them for combat.  They won’t add any value to the APC, but they can be leveled up in this fashion as well.

Combat Hero Awakening: Level 35

Getting your Hero to Level 35 is important in order to open their 6th skill, Awaken. Awaken increases your Might, Resistance, the High Leader numbers and sometimes your Hit Points (HP).  The High Leader skill is what is of value to most people.  High Leader is the 1st Skill and it increases the number of Troops that can be added to that Hero’s squad.  Once you max out High Leader, the only way to increase the number of troops significantly is to unlock and level up the Awaken skill.  Every time you level up your Hero, you will gain an extra 100 troop spaces, but this doesn’t amount to much.

More to come….

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