Last Shelter Survival: Tips & Tricks for Improving Money and Resource Generation Guide

Here are a few Last Shelter Survival gaming tips for earning money and resources every day.  Excluding some of the more obvious things like ensuring to level up all your resource factories to their max.

1) Try and complete the Last Shelter Survival Quests / Daily Tasks and achieve the 500 points. You may not get 500 every day, but there are a lot of rewards the higher you go.

2) Complete the Rapid Production and City Development research trees.These take a long time but must be done first!

3) Exploit the Events:  Daily Challenge and Clash of Zones (CoZ) Challenges where possible. These give you opportunity to rake in rewards. Try to combine the challenges so you can maximize your rewards.  By combining these events, you can make 10k-15k a day in Diamonds.   Don’t forget to unlock the next set of Clash of Zones rewards through the Zone Commemoration Technology.  You can earn additional rewards at higher levels beyond the first three. You can open up a total of 7 reward tiers along with earning an increase in points from Clash of Zone challenges.

4) Upgrade Water Filters and Helicopter Pad. You can sell excess resources (such as water) for money on every visit.

5) Don’t hoard your Items. Use them! Especially the speed ups. You can use the speed-ups during Daily Tasks and Events and get crazy rewards.

6) Join a Wendell Rally every day. They reap huge resources, money, diamonds and speedups.

7) Station Heroes and unlock/raise their production increase skills. Usually they are the second skill saying “Money Production +2,000/h”. The Resistance Leader Hero is for the bank and increases money production. Get him stationed and his production per hour levels up. There are others for farming, oil, mining, wood, etc.

8) Donate to Alliance Technology. Use your resources to donate and increase your Alliance Technology. You can earn Alliance Contributions for each purchase. You can use the contributions to purchase items from the Alliance store!  Many of the Alliance Technology options include improving gathering, reducing costs, etc.  Donating to these will not only help you, but all of your Last Shelter Survival Alliance teammates.

9) Vehicles do more damage to zombies and are faster. Load APCs up with all vehicles if you’re gathering or zombie farming. Don’t use this formation for Player vs. Player (PvP).

10) Kill the roaming zombies that appear inside your base. There be diamonds in those zombies.

11) Build and level up your Production Center (Farmer Class only). It increases quite a few things and it has Bountiful Harvest, which will dump thousands of resources on you every 8-12 hours.

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