PsyCoTiK’s Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Event Guide

Written by PsyCoTiK in State 374.  

Updating as I have time….



The Last Shelter Survival Doomsday event stretches over 45 days (a Season), alternating between building and combat. You can fight other alliances from within the existing State or other States by attacking the Doomsday Alliance Center (AC), Honor Structures (HS) and Territories and/or defend your own AC and HS from attack.

Use the Doomsday icon on the right of the screen when in the World view to access all of the Doomsday items and structures. You can also access the Doomsday screen by clicking on Events and then the Doomsday Event.

Your Alliance will build 4 Alliance Centers (AC) for you to place your Honor Structures (facilities, processing plant, fortress, special operations command) around.  These structures are used to defend your Alliance Center, process material, and earn Season Points.

Doomsday is about winning Season Points by occupying tiles, donating stone, earning Specialty Points, and scores from the various Combat Phases. From the Game: Seasonal Alliance Scores are earned when alliance members perform actions, points can be earned via occupying territories, constructing buildings, building the Garrison Bases and building the Alliance Centers.

During the Doomsday Conquest Alliance Duel Phase, points can be also earned by declaring war on other alliances and plundering them. You can conquer your opponent’s tiles and structures, with each earning a specified number of points called Season Points. Occupying territories, building honor structure and declaring wars will raise season points. Declaring war on another alliance and win, you will earn season points. If you lose the war, you lose season points. (See Doomsday Scoring section below.)

At the end of the Season (45 days), the higher your Alliances Season Points, the better ranking and rewards.

You can view your Alliances Season Points on the Doomsday / Season tab. You can also view the rewards you will receive at your current rank at the end of Doomsday.

Your alliances begin the process by building an Alliance Center on the map and having the members build their Honor Structures around the Alliance Center.

One of the biggest benefits of the Doomsday Event is the resources and money you can earn from the tiles you occupy and the experience you can earn on your heroes. Many players level their heroes to level 50 just in a single season. The end-of-season rewards are also really impressive depending on how well you rank in the event.  But you can only distribute 50 rewards to players!


Building Alliance Center

Last-Shelter-Survival-Doomsday-Alliance-CenterThe Alliance leaders (R4/R5) can build an Alliance Center (AC) from the Alliance / Building screen. An Alliance Center requires a 3×3 plot and they cannot place an AC on occupied Doomsday tiles, zombies or the normal game resource tiles.  There must be enough stone block donated to the alliance to build an Alliance Center. There are other requirements that must be met in order to build Alliance Centers, such as the # of Alliance Members and Total Alliance Power. You will need donated stone block from your members in order to build Alliance Centers.

The more Alliance Centers you have, the more your Alliance Center score bonus will be during the Doomsday Conquest Alliance Duels. You can see this in the screenshots under Prepping Phase or Combat Phase below. The first AC is worth a 50% score bonus during the Combat Phase, the second is worth a 70% score bonus. I do not know the bonuses for the 3rd and 4th ACs yet.

The first Alliance Center can be placed on the outer band of the map (the sand), along the edge of the map up to the beginning of the grass.  The second Alliance Center is placed in the next band of higher resources inside the first band (light green). You can build up to 4 Alliance Centers, each can be placed in each of the four bands heading to the center of the map.

Once the Alliance Center is placed, the members build their Honor Structures around it leaving no tiles open. The only way the enemy can destroy an Alliance Center is by destroying the Honor Structures to build a path to the AC.  There are multiple strategies for building Honor Structures and the Garrison Buildings to defend the AC.  These strategies continually evolve so I won’t attempt to list them here.

You must place an Alliance Center 20 tiles from the walls of the map.  The Honor Structures can be placed 12 tiles from the Wall of the map.  Up to 21 Honor Structures can be placed outward from the Alliance Center for a total of 441 buildings.

You can place 1 set of Honor Structures around AC1 and 1 set around each of the other AC2-4 for a total of 16 honor structures.   You will start out with being able to place 1 set of buildings at first and must use the Blue Specialty points to unlock the other buildings.

Combat Strategy:

  • The Guardian Fortress Honor Structures have the highest durability and make them the hardest to destroy.  However, not everyone upgrades these soon enough and sometimes upgraded Processing Plants are better defense early on.  Do not use Virus Labs for primary defense. You need these to occupy higer level tiles.  If the Virus Labs get wiped out, you could find a lot of players can no longer fight at AC2-4.  See the Guardian Fortress section below for more detail.
  • Bases can be used to block an enemy’s tile occupation during the Doomsday Conquest Alliance Duel.  The enemy cannot occupy your Base tiles and must go around it.
  • You can place an Alliance Centers 1 near the corners or close to the walls (20 tiles from walls for AC, 12 tiles from the wall for buildings).
  • You can place an Alliance Center 1 close to the 2nd band (grass), but don’t forget to leave room for placing the Honor Structures.
  • It has been very effective to have another Alliance, such as a sister or farming alliance build their Alliance Center close to your AC and occupy tiles all-around your AC hive. Your opponent cannot place their Rally Point or Bases on occupied tiles, zombies and the normal game resource tiles. The sister Alliance can make a wall of Occupied tiles around your AC hive making it very hard for your enemy to get to your hive without losing a ton of durability. They will have to occupy these 500 durability tiles in order to make a path through. This is a great way to drain your opponent of durability and slow them down.

Note: An opposing state can destroy any Honor Structures or Alliance Centers during the Combat Phase.  However, destroying another Alliances Honor Structures will NOT earn them any points. Only your Honor Structures will earn them points.

  • Use Resource Tiles for blocking teleporting bases. Placing Resource Tiles has been used to prevent an enemy from placing their Rally Point (3×3 space) or their Bases (2×2 space) close to your Alliance Center. Don’t leave any room for them to place or occupy strategic tiles. You can place Resource Tiles in gaps, preventing the enemy from placing their buildings. The Resource Tiles decay, so keep an eye on them. But you can build quick defenses by placing Resource Tiles for only 50 stones each.

See more about Attacking and Defending the Alliance Centers below.

Garrison Structures

1000 Stone / 3×3 Plot / 4 APCs (upgradable to 20 APCs I believe)

You can place 4 Garrison Base to use as offense and defense. Only 1 person can be assigned a Garrison Base and they control the Legions inside the Base, so you will need 4 individuals to manage the Garrisons. They do NOT have to be an R4 or R5 to control a Garrison Base. The Legions can be sent out like normal troops by the person who is controlling the Garrison Base.

Many Alliances place the Garrison Bases around their Alliance Center and fill them with APCs by offline players as a defensive strategy. This is limited use of the Garrison Bases, as they can be placed anywhere, stocked with 4 APCS full of troops, and the person controlling the Garrison can send those APCs out to do terrible deads just as if they were his own APCs.

You can also build the Garrison Base in an opposing State next to a green tile your Alliance occupies and send troops from the Alliance Center to the Garrison Base.  Once the troops are in the Garrison Base, you can use them to occupy tiles, attack Honor Structures, convert purple tile to green, etc.  But remember, they may not be YOUR troops and if you kill them all off, the owner of the APC can’t refill them until he recalls the APC.

Make sure you trust the person who is controlling the Garrison Bases if you’re sending troops as a Legion.


Doomsday Honor Structures

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Honor StructuresTo start, you will need to build the Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Laboratory in your Base in order to participate in Doomsday. You can access your Honor Points and Doomsday activities from here. You cannot upgrade this building.

You will need stone block to build any of the Doomsday Structures. You can buy stone from the Alliance Store to be able to build the structures. Each tile will have a stone cost to place an Honor Structure.  You build your Honor Structures around the Alliance Centers placed by your Alliance leaders.  Later as you occupy tiles you will earn stone.

To place an Alliance Center, members must donate stone to the Alliance under the Alliance / Building / Donate option.

Below are the 4 Honor Structures to be placed around the Alliance Center.  Each has its own purpose.  As you earn you additional sets of buildings by opening up the Blue Specialty, you will be able to add 4 more buildings to AC1 and then to AC2-4.

Many defense strategies use the Guardian Fortress as the first couple of rings around the Alliance Center.  They have the highest durability against attacks.

Virus Research Facility (for occupying territories)

Starting Durability: 1000    Durability increase per level: 100

The Virus Research Facility (VRF) allows you to occupy tiles and upgrade to occupy higher level tiles.  Once you have the VRF place, you can occupy territories (see Doomsday Resource Tiles section).  Each Doomsday resource tile has a level. You start out a level 1 and as you increase the level of the VRF, you will be able to occupy higher level tiles and get larger rewards.

You can check the stats on each Territory by tapping it and selecting View. You can see the Guard Power (zombies), the Influence Value, the Infection Intensity, and your Immunity. You can’t take a Territory if your Immunity is lower than the Territories Infection Intensity. Technically you can attack it, but you will lose troops.

The Influence Value of the Territory is used to calculate the Money Rewards you win on the Doomsday / Territory tab. You can see your total Influence values on this tab. The higher your influence, the higher the money rewards you will receive. See the Rewards section for more detail.

You can also view your infection immunity by Viewing the Virus Research Facility. It will show your current immunity level, which will guide you to what Territories you can occupy.

Each virus research level will add 100 points to your immunity, so as you upgrade the Virus Research Facility, you will be able to take higher plots. Once your immunity is greater than the infection intensity you can safely occupy the plot. You can also try to occupy the plot before then but you will suffer a lot of troop losses and it’s likely you will fail.

  • Level 1 Plots have an Infection Intensity of 0 and an Influence Value of 50.
  • Level 5 Plots have an Infection Intensity of 1000 and an Influence Value of 600. So you will need to upgrade your Virus Research to Level 10 occupy these tiles safely.

The Virus Lab is where you heal your troops when they’ve been wounded when occupying tiles or when in an Alliance Duel.  It takes time and resources to heal your troops, similar to the hospital. You can use Regeneration Serum, which you earn through occupying tiles to speed up the healing.  1 serum = 5 minutes of healing.  While the troops are healing in the Virus Lab, they do not consume Food or Fuel. 

Processing Plant

Starting Durability: 1000    Durability increase per level: 100

The Processing Plant allows you to process the raw materials harvested from the territories into usable material (Composite Material and Virus Samples), which can be used to upgrade your Honor Structures. This is one of the first buildings to upgrade so you can process more material faster.

There is a Harvest button on the bottom of the Territory tab on the Doomsday screen. Click it and you will receive the harvest of materials from the tiles you’ve occupied. Then go to the Honor Structure tab, click the Production icon to the right of the Processing Plant, then select the material you want to process on the bottom and click Start Production. It tells you how long it will need to process those resources.

The Processing Plant not only gives you Doomsday resources to upgrade your Honor Structures, but it also produces regular resources used by your base.  This is where you can earn a lot of resources for upgrading your base.

Special Operations Command

Starting Durability: 1000    Durability increase per level: 100

Upgrading this structure increases your Field Battle Might and Troop Might attributes.

Guardian Fortress

Starting Durability: 2000  Durability increase per level: 150

Upgrading this structure increases your Field Battle Resistance and Troop Resistance.  These should be the first ring or layer surrounding your Alliance Center.  They have the highest durability against attack.

The Guardian Fortress has the most durability of all the structures and is the hardest to destroy.  A Guardian’s durability starts at 2000, while all of the other buildings begin at 1000.  The Guardian’s durability increases by 150 for each level upgrade, so by the time you get a level 8 Guardian, it’s like having 3 regular honor structures sitting on a single tile.  The Guardians should be placed strategically so your opponents have a hard time getting to your AC.  2000 -> 2150 -> 2300 -> 2450 -> 2600 -> 2750 -> 2900 -> 3050



  • The Guardian Fortress and Special Operations structures provide you with might and resistance buffs.  However, if they are destroyed during a duel, you must rebuild them for the buffs to be applied to your stats.
  • Building Honor Structures will increase your Season Contribution points.  Upgrading them will NOT give you Season Contribution points.


Doomsday Resource Territories (aka tiles or plots)

During the Last Shelter Survival Doomsday event, new resource tiles (territories) will appear around the map. The objective is to use your troops to Occupy these tiles, harvest resources from the tiles, process the resources and use them to upgrade structures. Upgrading structures enable you to make stronger defensive structures, process more resources and occupy high-level resource tiles.

Each time you send troops to occupy a tile, you earn Loot. The loot will consist of various materials listed below, stone block, honor points, and hero experience. Once you’ve occupied a plot, you will continue to earn the materials, which can be Harvested from the Territory tab and processed in the Processing Plant. After the materials have been processed, they can be used to upgrade your Honor Structures.

When you occupy a tile, you will lose troops, which need to be healed in the Virus Research Facility. With the latest updates, the number of wounded troops has been increased dramatically.  For example, occupying a level 10 resource tile with T8 troops and level 40-43 heroes, I’m wounding between 6,200-8,200 troops per attack. This will vary with each player based on their skills.  Attack bonuses help.

If you no longer want the plot, a few minutes after you have taken it (Protected Period), you can click on Abandon and in 30 minutes you will no longer have it in your inventory.

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday TerrirtoriesTo see what a plot will produce, click on the plot and the View icon. It will display the production, guard power, influence value, and infection intensity (see Virus Research Facility for details on Influence and Infection).

  • Empty Plot: Diseased Crops processed to Food and Virus Sample
  • Oil Deposit: Fossil Fuel processed to Fuel and Composite Materials
  • Mineral Deposit: Ore processed to Iron and Composite Materials
  • Forest: Mutated Lumber processed to Lumber and Virus Sample
  • Waste Farm: Diseased Crops processed to Food and Virus Sample
  • Polluted H20″ Polluted Water processed to Water and Virus Sample

The goal is to continually Occupy higher-level resource tiles that provide more resources to process. You must upgrade your Virus Research Facility in order to occupy higher-level resource tiles. See Virus Research Facility for more detail.

You can occupy the normal game resource tiles such as fuel, lumber, food, and iron buy clicking on them and clicking Occupy instead of Gather. Once you occupy the resource tile, the resource will disappear and an empty tile appears.


  • You will not be able to keep any of the Composite Materials or Virus Samples after the Season is over.  They will disappear, so make sure to use them up before the end of the Tally period.


Territory Capacity and Cross-State Territory Capacity

There is a limit to the number of territories you can occupy at once. You can see the total count you have occupied and can place on the Territory tab of the Doomsday screen “Territory Capacity“.  When you first occupy a tile, it is in a “Protection Status” for 20 minutes, which means you cannot Abandon it and no one can take it from you.

Your Territory Capacity and Cross-State Territory Cap limit is increased by 1 every day.  There are also Doomsday Conquest Quests, similar to the Main Tasks Quests that will give you Expand tickets. The Expand tickets grant you additional Territories you can take.

You can Abandon territories, which takes 30 minutes. Once you abandon a territory, you no longer occupy it and you can occupy additional tiles.

The “Cross-State Territory Cap” is the number of tiles you can occupy in other States.  You can occupy tiles in other States during the Alliance Duels starting from your Rally Point.  Once you have tiles in another State, the latest update allows you to cross to the other states at any time to occupy more territories.

As you continue to take tiles and win Honor Points that can be used to earn Specialty Points and you will receive Expansion Tickets in your inventory. The Expansion Tickets are used to increase your territory capacity.

Enemy Tiles (Purple Tiles)

When an out of State Alliance occupies tiles in your State, they will appear in the Purple color.  You can click on the territory to see who has occupied it. This means they are using their Cross-State Territory cap to gather resources from your state. They also earn Season Contribution points by taking tiles in your state.

You should clean all of the purple tiles from your State if possible. It can take 1 or 2 hits with your APC to convert the territory from purple to green.

Note: When I’ve used an APC with 3 fully opened orange heroes, 300,000+ troops, and Fighters in the first row I can convert a territory in a single hit.  When I use all Vehicles, it takes 2 hits.  So I always put a row of Fighters upfront and have to wait for the APC travel time. It’s also more economical this way as usually only the Fighters get wounded and they are cheaper to heal.


Upgrading Facilities

These upgrade just like other structures. You need the materials Harvested from the tiles you’ve occupied.  The goal is to upgrade these as quickly as possible so you can level up the defensive structures such as the Command and Fortress.

The following materials are required to upgrade your structures

  • Processing Plant: Composite Materials, Fuel, Iron
  • Virus Research Facility: Virus Samples, Crops, Water
  • Guardian Fortress: Composite Materials, Fuel, Lumber
  • Special Operations Command: Composite Materials, Food, Iron

Reward Details

The rewards are calculated and given out every 8 hours. Rewards are based on your total Influence Value and Influence Ranking. I do not know the exact calculation, but a few details from the game are below.

  • Reward = Base Reward x Bonus Multiplier
  • Influence Value affects Base Reward
  • Ranking affects Bonus Multiplier

Honor Points / Specialty

Last-Shelter-Survival-Doomsday-Specialty-Points-StatisticsAs you occupy tiles, complete Doomsday Conquest challenges, upgrade Honor Structures, and kill Adjudicators, you will gain Honor Points.  You can view your Honor Points from the Specialty tab of the Doomsday screen. You will automatically earn Honor Points by performing the task mentioned, and you will also earn Honor Exp rewards that will be placed into your inventory. You can click on the Honor Exp rewards from your inventory or go to the Speciality tab.

From the Speciality tab in the Doomsday Conquest screen, you click the + sign and you can “use” any Honor Experience rewards you’ve to increase your level, which makes Specialty Points available for you to use to create more structures, enhance your capabilities, etc.

You gain Honor Points by:

  • occupying tiles
  • completing Doomsday Conquest challenges
  • upgrading Honor Structures
  • killing Adjudicators

You can increase your Honor Level as you earn Honor Points (don’t forget to use the points, sometimes they sit as rewards in your inventory).  Each Honor Level will grant you 1 Specialty Point that can be used on the Specialties below.

There are currently 3 Specialties you can develop:  Resource Specialty, Construction Specialty, and Combat Specialty.  These Specialties can increase various skills and abilities.

The (Blue) Construction Specialty below shows the Construction Master specialty, which allows you to build another set of Honor Structures. I recommend working on this specialty first as the second through the fourth set of structures really helps with processing materials and the virus research facilities quickly let you occupy higher level tiles.

After you have earned and built your 4 sets of structures, you can redistribute the blue points and move them to another Specialty. Some recommend the Red Specialty to upgrade Immunity.

The (Green) Resource Specialty is for increasing your Territory Cap, the Honor Gain, and Hero Exp Gain.  This is a great Specialty if you want to level 50 your heroes. But first, get all of your honor structures built!

The (Red) Combat Specialty is used for being able to occupy higher level tiles, such as going for the level 15 tiles. These provide awesome resources and hero experience.

Read the blog on Last Shelter Survival: Doomsday Blue and Green Specialty Point Tree Counts for more information on Specialties.


Doomsday Conquest: Alliance Duel Phases

Below are the major phases of the Doomsday Conquest: Alliance Duel life cycle along with more detail following the phases about the various combat techniques.

Prep Phase (5 days)

The first stage is a 5-day Prep Phase, where you build your Alliance Leaders build the Alliance Center (AC) and you build your Honor Structures surrounding the AC. To begin, you need to build the Doomsday Laboratory in your Base and then build the 4 Honor Structures around your Alliance Center (AC). You must Occupy land and upgrade the Honor Structures to increase your influence and earn the specialty points to unlock skills.

See the additional information below about Doomsday Resource Tiles, Honor Structures, Upgrading Structures, Honor Points / Specialty, and Alliance Center. See Building Alliance Center section for more detail. This initial Prep Phase only happens at the very beginning of Doomsday. You will not see it repeated. The repeated cycle always starts with the War Declaration Phase.

War Declaration Protection Phase (18 hours and then until you Declare War)

As of the latest update, the War Declaration phase starts on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 00:00 game time.

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday War D ProtectionThe War Declaration phase is the next phase. The first part of the War Declaration phase is 18 hours where you’re Alliance cannot be attacked by another alliance. During this time you can play as normal and rebuild and repair your honor structures and prepare for another round of attacking and/or defending.

Once the 18-hour protection stage is over, you can stay in “Awaiting War Declaration” indefinitely, until either you or another Alliance declare war.

Below is a screenshot of the War Declaration page. If you have NOT battled yet, you do not need to wait the 18 hours to Declare War. If your Alliance has just come from a battle, you will need to wait for 18 hours (cool-down period) before you can declare (or an Alliance Declare War on you).

If you see a “Declare War” button next to an Alliance, you can click this and automatically start the next phase (as long as you are out of your cool-down period or have not battled yet). If you click the “Declare War” button, the War D Protection will drop and you will move to the next phase of the Doomsday cycle, the Battle Phase below.

The “War D Protection” button means the Alliance is still within the 18 hour protection time and cannot be declared against. Once the War Declaration Protection counter is at 0:00, other Alliances will see the “Declare War” icon next to your Alliance and they can declare war against you. You do not have to declare war. But an Alliance may declare war on your Alliance.

If you want an edge, then you want to immediately declare on an Alliance that you think you can win against. The sooner the better. Once you declare war, you will move to the Prepping Phase.


You can call a Truce when the War Declaration Phase begins once a week.  You can select times you want to have a Truce 00:00 – 08:00, 08:00 – 16:00, 16:00 – 2400.  During the Truce time you selected, you cannot declare war and no one can declare on your Alliance.  However, you can be declared upon at any other time. So if you select 08:00 – 16:00, an Alliance can declare war on you at any time during 00:01 07:59.

The Truce Timer can be found on the Doomsday screen, under Season tab, Alliance Intel at the bottom, and then click the Truce Timer.

Truce with Alliance (not a game feature)

If your Alliance wants to take a break for a Combat Phase and have 28 hours (4 for Combat Phase + 18 for War Protection Phase + 6 for Prepping Phase) so you can restock and resupply, you can make an informal truce with another alliance during the War Declaration Phase.  If both of you agree, you can declare war on each other, place your Rally Points and do not attack each other. If any of your members take a tile of the other alliance though, the score will change and you will be a victor by accident.

Please note, if you truce and neither Alliance scores, the Alliance that declared war wins.

Prepping Phase (30 minutes)

Once either you or another Alliance has declared war, you will enter a 30 minutes prep phase. This allows your Alliance time to place your Rally Points and move Bases to your opponent’s Alliance Center hive in preparation for attacking. An R4/R5 must place a Rally Point(s).  They should place it as close to the enemy’s Alliance Center as possible. You can place multiple Rally Points and it’s better to place multiple Rally Points as you earn additional War Declaration points for each Rally Point. (See Doomsday Scoring section below for details.

You cannot place a Rally Point or Bases on occupied tiles, zombies and the normal game resource tiles.

You can only place a Rally Point in the outer band of the map, where the Alliance Center 1 is placed.  Once you have taken your opponent’s Alliance Center 1, you can then place a Rally Point in the next inner band in order to attack their Alliance Center 2.

It costs stone to place a Rally Point. The cost for placing each Rally Point increases for each subsequent one, I believe it’s 1,000 stone for the first one, 4,000 stone for the second one, 9,000 for the third.

Remember though, once you place a Rally Point, you can’t move it. So if you place all 3 around you’re opponent’s Alliance Center 1, then you won’t be able to attack their Alliance Center 2.

At this point, you want to move your Bases to your opponent’s Alliance Center 1 hive and get ready. But don’t forget about the defense of your Alliance Center 1.

With any Base that teleports to the enemy’s location, all of your APCs / Trucks will go with you. So if you Garrisoned troops in your Alliance Center and you Teleport to the enemy location, then your troops will leave your Alliance Center and go with you.

Make sure there are people who can stay and defend your Alliance Center if you think it’s necessary. Read the “Defending Alliance Center” section below for more details. The best defense is a good offense!

You can cross States and then the teleport there is free. To teleport for free, click on your Rally Point once it has been placed, click on the List icon and then the Teleport button. You will then be able to move your Base to your enemy’s Alliance Center hive in preparation for battle. If you have 2 Rally Points, both will appear in the List. You will also be able to teleport back to your state for free. However, if you bounce back and forth, the extra teleports will cost.   If you are doing a battle in the same state, you can teleport to your Rally Point for free, but it will cost you an Advanced Teleport to move back.

Once you have moved your Base, you can attack Territories, but you will NOT receive any points until the Combat Phase begins.  You can build a path from your Rally Points to the enemy targets, but you will not gain any points until the 6 hours is over.

Once the 6 hours over, you can begin the attack.

Combat Strategy:

If you have a secondary farming account (that has been added to your Alliance) or players who won’t be on for the Combat Phase, you can teleport these accounts to your Rally Point and begin the process of building the path to their Honor Structures.  This will save your main accounts that will be fighting in the Combat Phase durability.  They will be able to immediately begin attacking Honor Structures if you have built the pathway ahead of time.  You will not get points for any occupied tiles during the Prepping Phase.

Combat Strategy:

If an Alliance has battled you or another Alliance in your state before, and they have occupied tiles near any of your Alliance Centers 1-4, they can start building a path from those tiles and do NOT need to use the Rally Point to start occupation. Traditionally the game says you have to conquer AC1 before you can place a Rally Point near the AC2.  But if an Alliance has occupied tiles near an AC2, they can skip AC1 and attack AC2 using those occupied tiles.  So the rule of thumb is not to leave any other State’s tiles near your Alliance Centers.

Combat Phase (4 hours)

During the Combat Phase, both you and your opponent’s objective is to earn War Declaration Points by occupying enemy Territories, destroying Honor Structures and destroying their Alliance Center. You can see the War Declaration Points you’ll earn on the screen below and in-game. Earning War Declaration Points is the way to win. The durability of your APCs / Trucks is vital, as you will have to stop occupying enemy plots once you are out of durability. Think of this event as expending durability for points.

You cannot attack your opponent’s Base during the Alliance Duels held on Wednesday and Friday.  So you do not need to shield during the week. However, they allow for complete attacks on everything during the Alliance Duel on Sunday.

You can use Missiles against enemy Bases, but you cannot use it against them against the Alliance Center or Honor Structures.

During this phase, you must create a path (green boxed tile) from where you placed your Rally Point to the Honor Structures you wish to destroy. So you start at the Rally Point by occupying tiles and move outward toward the enemy. There is a Doomsday Scoring section below with how points are awarded.

Note the “Cross-State Territory Cap”.  This is the number of tiles you can occupy in another State.  You occupy other State tiles during the Alliance Duels.

Every attack on a tile using your APC will cost you 10 durability! I recommend using your lower level APC’s where possible to occupy tiles and save your larger APCs for the Honor Structures.

Each resource territory has 500 durability. Each Honor Structure starts at 1000 durability and increases depending on other aspects of the game. Taking a level 3 tile could require anywhere from 6-12 attacks depending. An Honor Structure could take much longer. The enemy may also have troops garrisoned in their Structures, so you may end up with a fight. You can attempt to attack these by yourself or create a Rally attack.

To destroy an enemy Alliance Center, you must clear a path to the AC by attacking the individual structures. You cannot attack the next Structure until you’ve defeated the one before it. Everyone should be working together on a focused attack. I recommend appointing a person to regularly calls out the next Honor Structure to attack and everyone follows this person’s instructions.

The victory is really about who earns the most War Declaration Points overall. So durability on your APC’s is vital. Use as many APC’s as you have since even the smallest APC can be used to occupy enemy tiles. It can take 2-5 attacks on an enemy’s Territory in order to occupy it. And once you’ve taken the Territory, there is a 30-minute cooldown before they can retake it.

But what it really comes down to is your Alliance’s APC Durability vs. War Declaration Points. This means that you must expend Durability (and sometimes troops) to earn War Declaration Points. For instance, to occupy an enemy Level 1 territory during the Combat Phase, it might cost your Alliance 30 in APC durability to win 1 War Declaration Points. Whereas if you occupy a Level 1 Honor Structure, it might take you 150 in APC durability to win 500 War Declaration Points. The game formula is based on spending APC durability to earn points. So it is important to ensure you are focusing on occupying the correct items if you are in a time-limited situation where you are unable to regenerate durability to win.

One important note is that the War Declaration Points do NOT equate to Alliance Season Points displayed on the Season tab.  The War Declaration Points are used in a final calculation (currently unknown) to calculate the final Season Points your Alliance will or lose after the duel.


Combat Strategy:

Make sure to purchase Attack and Defense Bonuses from the Alliance Store before teleporting to your enemy’s State. Once you leave your State you will no longer be able to access the Alliance functions such as Researching Alliance Technology and the Alliance Store. Stock up on what you need BEFORE you go to another State.

Combat Strategy:

Good opponents will make it difficult for you to place your Rally Points and Bases. Any Occupied tiles (green), normal resource tiles (Farm, Lumber, Fuel, Iron) and zombies will block you from placing a Rally Point. However, you can place it over any unoccupied Doomsday resource tiles. If you have a good opponent, they will have occupied enough tiles around their Alliance Center forcing you to place your Rally Point a good distance away.

This causes a problem as you have to occupy a path from the Rally Point to their Alliance Center hive. If you have a long-distance, it will be very expensive in durability to make a path. Any tiles that you need to convert from their occupation to yours (meaning you have to steal their tile from them), it’s even more costly as a tile they own is 500 durability instead of a normal 1 durability for an empty tile.

In order to avoid expending all of the durability of your main account, some players use secondary Farm accounts (that have been added to your ALliance) or players who cannot join you for the Combat Phase, to build the path. Using Farm accounts stocked with vehicles makes the process faster. You can teleport them in for free during the Prepping Phase and they can build a path from the Rally Point to your opponent’s Alliance Center’s first row of Honor Structures. You can build this path either during the Prepping Phase (but you won’t get any points ) or wait until the Combat Phase to begin.

A good opponent will try to block your forward progression by actively occupying tiles in front of you. If he takes a tile in your path, you have to wait 30 minutes before you can occupy it. A good opponent will continually occupy tiles in front of you, forcing you to find a different path. This is why it is a good idea to place 2 Rally Points and build a second path if the first one is being blocked.

The path-building process can take 30-60 minutes by itself if you have a good opponent, so sometimes it makes sense to build the path during the Prepping Phase and ignore the small points you would receive.

What you will need for Combat:

  • Durability on all of your APCs. Very important! Durability is what Doomsday is all about.
  • Lots of Hospital Space – at least a 3rd of your troops should have a hospital room.
  • Extra Troops to swap into the APCs. You may be fighting other troops garrisoned in Structures or the Alliance Center.
  • Speed-Ups and Resources to Heal Troops in the Hospital. Lots of Speed-ups and Resources will be required for large battles. We’ve seen battle resource spending upwards of 5m-10m of food, fuel, and iron during these battles and hours of speed-ups used.
  • If you teleport more than 2 times, you will need Advanced Teleports.

If you lose the Combat Phase, you can replace your Alliance Center. You will not lose the Territories you’ve occupied and now the Honor Structures will remain as well.  If you lost an Honor Structure during the battle, you can rebuild it after the Combat Phase (requires stone) and it will still have the level you had before it fell.  In other words, if you had a Level 10 Garrison, and the enemy destroyed it when you rebuild it will be a Level 10 again.

(See the additional Attacking and Defending the Alliance Center sections below for more details.)

The cycle of War Declaration Phase -> Prepping Phase -> Combat Phase continues to repeat during the Doomsday event. The cycle will start back to the War Declaration Phase, where you will have to select an Alliance or wait until you are declared upon. If you want peace, you can always make a deal with an Alliance in your State for a NAP and declare on them. You can also not declare war on an alliance while waiting in the War Declaration cycle and hope no one declares on you.

The Alliance Duels will eventually end (I didn’t pay attention to the exact daye, but I think it’s around day 38?) and then the Tally Phase will begin.  See the details below.


Doomsday Missiles


Doomsday Conquest Missiles can be used to any base in a single shot.  Shielding or relocating your base to another state (purple bubble) does not protect against a Doomsday Conquet Missile.  Your Alliance must occupy an adjacent territory next to the Base you want to hit with the Missile.

Doomsday Destroyer Missiles can be used to destroy a 5×5 plot of tiles.


Doomsday Scoring

  • Alliance Center:  5 durability per hit
  • Garrison: 5 durability per hit
  • Honor Structure:  10 durability per hit
  • Territory: 10 durability per hit

During the Combat Phase, the alliance that earns the most points wins. Below is the chart from the game showing the points earned for each structure. It takes 10 durability to attack any Doomsday tile or structure.

Occupy level 1 enemy territory: +1
Occupy level 2 enemy territory: +2
Occupy level 3 enemy territory: +4
Occupy level 4 enemy territory: +6
Occupy level 5 enemy territory: +10
Occupy level 6 enemy territory: +12
Occupy level 7 enemy territory: +14
Occupy level 8 enemy territory: +16

…and so on up to level 16 for +45 (it increases by 2 points each time except for level 16)

Destroying any Honor Structure earns x500.
Destroying an Alliance Center earns x10,000.

Notice the difference between the + and the x in the reward points. I’m not sure how that is calculated yet but the x is a multiplier. 

Last-Shelter-Survival-Doomsday-Score-StatisticsBut here is an important point, there is a formula for the APC durability it takes to make a point. In other words, it could take 20 APC durability points to take a level 1 enemy territory and earn 1 point, so that means you spent 20 durability to earn 1 point. Whereas if you destroy an Honor Structure, it might take you 100 APC durability points to earn 500 points, which means you only spent .2 durability to earn 1 point.

What that means is, taking tiles and plots during the Combat Phase has very little reward and at a high cost. Instead, focusing on the Honor Structures and Alliance Center is the key.

And in a defense situation, you want your opponent to waste their durability hitting occupied plots before they can get to your Honor Structures. Your enemy can lose a significant amount of durability on the plots and get little points in return.

Alliance Season Scores

You can view your Alliance and individual Season Contribution (SC) points (which dictates who wins DD) from the Season page.  This displays each Alliance’s placement, and if you click on “Alliance Intel” at the bottom you will see your individual Season Contribution.  Click any individual and you will see the breakdown of the scores earned.

  • Season points:  Earned when you occupy a tile and build an Honor Structure (NOT upgrading structures)
  • Declaration: The points you earned fighting in the duels. They have no effect on your personal Season Contribution.
  • Stone Donation: I believe this no longer impacts the Alliance Season Scores, only your personal Season Contribution (this keeps changing).
  • Duel Participation Count:  No effect on your personal Season Contribution.
  • Total War Destruction Value
  • Total War Kill:  No effect on your personal Season Contribution.
  • Accumulated Demolition

The Season Scores are the values that determine who wins in Doomsday.

Season Contribution Territory Occupation Points

These are the Season Contribution (SC) points you receive for occupying a Territory, regardless if it’s a resource tile or not.  I did not rate every level of tile, you can extrapolate from what is posted below. Notice the jump between the mid-green and dark-green zones from level 11 to 12.

  • Level 9 Territory:  20 SC points
  • Level 10 Territory:  22 SC points
  • Level 11 Territory:  24 SC points
  • Level 12 Territory:  30 SC points
  • Level 13 Territory:  32 SC points
  • Level 14 Territory:  34 SC points


Seasonal Tally

The Tally Phase is the last 7 days of Doomsday. During this week, each leader is given their rewards (if they’ve earned them) to be distributed to their members.  The R5 gets their rewards by default.  The R5 can then distribute 49 rewards to its members.  There are 2 sets of rewards.  9 are higher level and the remaining 40 are of a slightly lesser amount.  The R5 can select who gets what rewards using a fairly friendly interface. The rewards range depending on the Doomsday Ranking you earned.

Defending Alliance Center

Your opponent will create Rally Center(s) around your Alliance Center and Structures and start attacking your Territories, Structures and eventually your Alliance Center. An enemy opponent must clear a path through the Honor Structures by attacking them with their APCs/Trucks to get to your Alliance Center. When the opponent clears a single path of Honor Structures to your AC, they can attack the AC. So it is important to build as many Honor Structures as you can tightly together so there are no gaps. Leaving gaps will allow opponents to skip that space and go to the next Honor Structure. Upgraded Honor Structures are harder to destroy.

Each Territory (empty tile or resource tile that your Alliance has occupied) has 500 Durability. This means it could take 2-4 attacks before your opponent can occupy a territory you’ve occupied. To slow down your opponent and make them waste their APC/Truck durability, having a defensive ring around your Honor Structures full of occupied territories is a great advantage.

Each Honor Structure has durability based on their level. A level 1 Honor Structure starts at 1000 Durability but may vary depending on their other buffs and specialty points. Every additional level adds durability. So the higher level the Honor Structure, the harder it is to demolish it.

It takes 30 minutes before you can retake any Territories your opponent has taken.

You will NOT be able to attack their bases. All of the bases are immune to attack. You can only attack tiles! It’s best that your bases are very close to the Honor Structure hive so you can quickly defend!

You can Garrison troops in the Structures and in the Alliance Center. Garrison the AC as the last defense as you really want to protect the Honor Structures first. If you are going to be offline during the battle, make sure to Garrison at least 2-3 APC’s in the surrounding Honor Structures to hold off the enemy. Send troops to Garrison structures that are being attacked or will be attacked soon.

It is pointless to attack the enemy’s Rally building. They can recreate these easily. You also cannot attack their Bases. Focus on defending (garrison troops) in the Honor Structures and repairing Structures where possible. The object is to let your opponent run out of APC durability and decrease their Combat Power to the point they cannot fight anymore.

Alliance Center Battles

Not every Alliance will attack your Alliance Center, but most will. Many opponents will try to take your least guarded Alliance Center first to earn points. Make sure you have a strategy to defend each AC while also being able to attack your enemy.

The AC can be rebuilt if it is destroyed by garrisoning enough troops in it to restore it within 30 minutes. If you do not restore your AC within 30 minutes, the enemy will gain 10,000 season points and all of your Honor Structures will disappear. There is often a very intense battle if an enemy occupies your Alliance Center. If an enemy occupies your Alliance Center, you will have to fight to take it back. If you successfully defeat their occupation, you then must occupy it and hold it.  This can go back and forth for a while until one side runs out of troops and/or durability.

Attacking Alliance Center

If an Alliance has 2 or 3 Alliance Center buildings, we recommend attacking the unprotected buildings first.  You can only bypass AC1 by building a Rally Point at the edge of the sand and build a path to AC2, or if you have an occupied tile near their AC2-4.  This will earn you points early on in the Combat Phase. Once you’ve won the unprotected buildings, you can move on to their central AC hive, where all their Honor Structures are located.

When you are attacking Honor Structures, Territories or the Alliance Center, your Siege Battle Attributes are being used. You can view your Siege Battle Attributes by clicking on Commander Info (crossed guns) / Attributes / Siege Battle.

Each enemy Territory (empty plot or resource tile that your opponent has occupied) has 500 Durability. This means it could take 2-4 attacks before your opponent can occupy a territory you’ve occupied. To slow down your opponent and make them waste their APC/Truck durability, having a defensive ring around your Honor Structures full of occupied territories is a great advantage.

Each Honor Structure has durability based on their level. A level 1 Honor Structure starts at 1000 Durability but may vary depending on their other buffs and specialty points. The Guardian Fortress has high Durability to start with. Every additional level adds durability. So the higher level the Honor Structure, the harder it is to demolish it. If they have Troops in an Honor Structure, you will have to battle the troops as well.

Combat Strategy:

When you are ready to attack the Alliance Center building, everyone should focus on a single line of Honor Structures in order to gain access to the AC. Meaning you should only attack a single line of Honor Structures and NOT a path 2 or 3 buildings wide, you only need a single path to the AC in order to attack it. Don’t waste troops and durability on making a wide path. Attack 1 building at a time, one after the other.

It’s best to identify a single individual in the Alliance who continually calls out the next plot/structure to attack in the Alliance Chat. This call out should be monitored by everyone who is in the battle and they should follow those instructions to the letter. It’s best for everyone to stay calm, take their time and listen to their leaders. They have 4 hours during the Combat Phase and you don’t want to make mistakes when limited durability is at stake.

It’s a good idea to save your Class APC 1 for the rally attacks against the Alliance Center. You will need your big troops and heroes for the rally attacks, reserve durability with your top APC. You could end up having to attack the Alliance Point dozens of times. You can add your lower APCs to the rally attacks later when the defending troop count is reduced from the attacks.

Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Rally AttackOnce you’ve cleared a path, you can then attack the AC!  Your Alliance members send everything they have to attack the AC.  If the enemy has reinforced it, you will have to deal with them first. Otherwise, you can just attack the AC’s durability.

If you destroy your opponent’s Alliance Center, they have 30 minutes to rebuild it by Garrisoning troops there. You will not receive the points for destroying the Alliance Center unless it has been abandoned for 30 minutes. If they do not rebuild in time, you will win 10,000 season points and all of their Honor Structures will disappear. You will need to occupy the remains of the Alliance Center with troops as the enemy will attempt to retake their Alliance Center and rebuild. They should create Rallies on the AC remains and attempt to remove you. If they succeed in removing your troops, they will reoccupy and rebuild the AC. You can view the progress and details when clicking on the AC and the View icon.

Once you’ve defeated the AC, all their Honor Structures will disappear. You can either stay there and take territories or return to your own State.


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